What’s cooking, 2019?

To kick off the new year we invited our partners, clients, family and friends to our New Year’s reception in our studio. While raising our glasses, we took a look into the future and what 2019 might bring. On the menu: a futuristic hotdog station where every guest could customize her own hotdog with different plant-based sausages, exciting micro greens, coffee-flour or banana-flour buns, pink popcorn, fun lollipops spiced up with buffalo worm flour, seaweed and exotic flavors hanging from the ceiling in the midst of facts about food trends and – most of all – no plastic. Thanks for coming, everyone – we had a blast!

Big thanks also to our fantastic partners for this event:

Antje De Vries
Kaffe Bueno
Koppert Cress
The Syrup Company
To Øl