Culinary Concept
for yellow showroom opening

Normann Copenhagen ist known for the avant-garde styling of their beautiful showroom in Østerbro, Copenhagen. Once a year, they redecorate the entire showroom and celebrate that with partners and clients. For the opening of the newly designed Yellow showroom we had the honor to design the culinary concept. With the menu we wanted to invite guests to not only visually experience yellow, but also let them feel yellow, smell yellow, hear yellow and taste yellow. We therefore served 4 different snacks, all assembling small multinsensory yellow experiences. We developed an edible yellow scent, that could be sprayed onto a piece of edible paper with one of the key collection prints, secret envelopes containing pop rocks giving you a yellow haptic aural sensation, yellow chocolated pyramids filled with passionfruit curd and smooth, soft yellow marshmallows – soft as the pillows from Normann Copenhagen’s new pillows collection. Overall a surprising snack concept that sparked many conversations and left the guests in an all-yellow state-of-mind.

Service: Concept, food design, production & styling.
Event pictures: © Olivia Rohde