Influencer Event

For the occasion of Women’s day, Estee Lauder invited 50 high-profile influencers to test their Double Wear products and its variety of shades. We created a visual event concept, evolving around Estee Lauders advertisement narrative “urban oasis” as well as the occasion of Women’s Day on which the event was held. A blooming urban flower oasis with a flower wall served as centrepiece of the event and also performed as perfect picture backdrop. Custom-designed food and drinks represented each of the five shades of the product range and let the guests explore the products with all senses. The unity of product, food, drinks, flowers and tableware set the visual frame for the event and let the guests leave with a feeling of urban oasis all around.

Services: Visual event concept, production of event, graphic design, food design, styling and set-up, event photography.

Flowers and table ware: A Table Story